Privacy policy

If you're concerned about what I might do with your information, which (since you are reading this) you probably are, let me assure you that you can sleep soundly tonight. Here is what you need to know:

information you submit

Sometimes, you will need to submit information to use this website or my services. This information may include your email address (such as when you contact me by email), your name, other contact information, information about the organization or group you represent, and, if I'm hired to build a website, your web host's FTP login information. This is all normal stuff.

What I do with this information is simple: I use it to provide my services. For example, if I don't have your email address, I can't contact you. Or if I don't have your web host's FTP info, I can't sign in to upload the files to your site. Additionally, third party services, such as content management systems, may require some of this information to function. Finally, I may post screenshots of websites and copies of designs to my website (e.g. to the portfolio page). However, I will never use your personal information to send you spam, sell it, or use it in ways that go against your wishes.

payments and paypal

I typically use PayPal to facilitate payment for my services. Thus, I do not get access to your bank information; that is kept safe and secure by PayPal. The only information I need from you for payment is a valid email address.

milk and cookies

Cookies (digital cookies, not the kind you put in a jar) are little bits of information stored in your browser and set by most websites. In general, cookies help personalize your experience on the web. For example, when you sign in to the client access section of this site, cookies identify your browser to keep you signed in to your account. Cookies are also used by analytics software to keep track of what pages you visited and for how long, and I can use this information to improve the website. You can disable cookies, but then this and other websites won't function as they were intended.

Analytics software I use which may set their own cookies, includes Google Analytics (Visit Google's page: "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps"), and Clicky Analytics (see their privacy policy). The blog portion of this website runs on Wordpress which may also utilize cookies, such as for identifying registered users and comments.

The milk is for dipping non-digital cookies.

other information I collect

When you visit this website, my web analytics software may record various pieces of information about your computer and browser, pages you visit on this website, and your IP address. Your IP address is also recorded when you contact me through a form (like that "Email Me" form down there in the footer). An IP address is a short series of numbers that identifies your connection to the World Wide Web. Your IP address can also reveal the city and time zone you are in. I collect this IP address for two reasons. First, in the event that you email me through a form, it can help me know what pages you specifically were viewing. Second, if I get spam through a web form, I can prevent that IP from accessing my site in the future. As is the case with all the information I collect, I won't give it away or abuse it.


Note that while I make every reasonable effort to protect your information and privacy, I am not responsible for any data or files that get lost or stolen, nor am I responsible for third parties' use of your information.

This policy is liable to change at any time and without notice. Last update: August 9, 2020.