About GreenLeaf Imaging and Ariel

GreenLeaf Imaging is a service by graphic designer and web developer Ariel Lepor (me). GreenLeaf Imaging is based in San Diego, California but services clients across the United States and beyond.

I started GreenLeaf Imaging in 2008. Originally, I wanted to create a medium to display my nature photography. However, upon learning the graphic design and web development ropes needed for my photography site, I discovered my passion in graphic and web design. I made the site dual-purpose, including both photography and information about my design services. After three years of experience, I redesigned the GreenLeaf Imaging website to focus on web and graphic design, which is the site now before your eyes.

Having taken a variety of classes in graphic design, art, and computing, I graduated from UC San Diego in 2014 with a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts. There, I also became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society.